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My Game OriginalsTM was founded in Marion,Massachusetts (2018 )by Debbie Thompson, after she went looking for sports related t-shirts for her grandson.  At that time Debbie found it very difficult to find simple, soft, high interest, well made t-shirts with a positive message. She found lots of  t-shirts with self empowerment, that seemed to have a negative message to others and shirts with some pretty crazy messages.  Debbie has a Bachelors of  Arts Degree in Early Childhood education and has been working with children for over 20 years.  Encouraging self confidence while helping children realize empathy for others is important. Many children find it difficult to feel that they fit in and have friends.

Hence the birth of  MY GAME ORIGINALS TM  youth t-shirts, a youth clothing brand, connecting children through self expression and social awareness.

"MY GAME... WHAT'S YOURS?TM  adorns the front of the shirt as a high interest Conversation Starter, connecting kids with   "this is what I like, what do you like?"!

A handshake on the sleeve is representational of "Good Sportsmanship"

The words of encouragement on the back give a visual reminder to be amazing by encouraging self confidence with an awareness of others, one interaction at a time, on the field, on the playground, in school or where ever they may be.